We are passionate about taking good care of our land, our animals, our team and you.

Brandon Oliver runs the tractor through the Composting Barn

Brandon Oliver runs the tractor through the Composting Barn

We have been working the fields of our home soil for more than four and a half decades. Frustrated from the lack of good quality beef in local restaurants, we realized that we could do something about it; and in the process, we discovered the key to what could eventually change the entire industry.

In October of 2013, we decided to begin our beef production on a full time scale and manage it in the same manner we handled our beef for our own personal consumption. The result is rich, buttery beef that's raised in a sustainable, eco-friendly process unique to the industry. 

quality matters

The choice to feature Black Hawk American Wagyu on your menu goes far beyond keeping up with modern culinary trends of "local," as discerning chefs and fine restaurants throughout the southeast seek to serve the finest beef available.

Our breeding process and diet control plan, combined with our rigid quality control standards, result in consistently superior marbling in the muscle tissue. This yields more high quality cuts per animal and a taste that is simply unmatched. Black Hawk cattle are finished, slaughtered and processed just a short distance away from their grazing fields which gives our customers the freshest meat possible.

Black Hawk Farms American Wagyu Beef Tenderloin
We have a wonderful experience with our cattle. Our cattle have a wonderful experience with us. We want our customers to have a wonderful and memorable experience as well.
— Brandon Oliver, Black Hawk Meats

What We've Achieved

  • Locally-raised, premium beef that is pastured, finished, and slaughtered locally
  • Reduced carbon footprint without trucking cattle out west to commercial feed lots
  • State-of-the-art Composting Barn for grain finishing
  • Organic fertilizer that enriches the corn we grow
  • Food-grade white corn to finish our beef
  • Steady supply of grain for beef, and beef for customers
  • Superior product distribution network in TN, KY, OH and IN through Creation Gardens
  • Peace of mind knowing we may not be doing things the cheapest way, but that we're doing things the right way