Milton Cook and one of the calves in the Compost Finishing Barn

Milton Cook and one of the calves in the Compost Finishing Barn

Our passion is beef and the production of superior meats.

We didn't just get into this business. In fact, we've been breeding and raising cattle on our farm for decades. Part of that process has involved selectively breeding Angus to encourage the best traits in our cattle. This includes a friendly disposition and, most importantly, superb marbling and flavor. 

It's also important to us that our cattle are raised in a low-stress environment. This means a friendly, hands-on approach with familiar faces they see on a daily basis, minimal transport and a comfortable home. 

Our cattle are grass fed for the first 8-9 months before moving to our finishing barn, where're they are fed a mixture of non-gmo white corn and hay from our wheat fields. Unlike many other operations, our cattle are free from added hormones and antibiotics. While this means it can take 25% longer to bring them to market, the result is a richer, fuller flavor with superior marbling. Instead of the industry average of 120 days for the finishing process, we finish our cattle for 180-200 days. It's a difference you can taste.

Our state-of-the Compost Finishing Barn provides a resort-like environment for our calves. Unlike commercial feed lots, our barn is covered, ventilated and virtually free of insects and foul odors. And during cooler months, the aerobic activity of the composting bedding agent naturally warms the cattle. 

When it comes time for harvesting, we work with a local abattoir here in KY. They are able to process Black Hawk Farms Beef with an on-site USDA inspector on site and a certified grader. 

This is the beef we feed our family. No hormones, no antibiotics, just pure wholesomeness.
— Brandon Oliver, Black Hawk Farms

Black Hawk Farms Angus Beef is available to chefs and restaurateurs looking to provide the best local products to their guests.

  • 1 lb. Ground Beef Blocks
  • 6/5 lb. Ground Beef Chubs
  • 24/10 oz Burgers
  • 24/8oz Burgers
  • 30/6oz Burgers
  • Prime and Premium Cuts Available with Special Arrangement.

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